Ellen ‘s private life about the daily are in here.

➱Ellen’s Vlog Episode.1 (Ellen日常第一集)♡

➱Ellen’s Vlog Episode.2 (Ellen日常第二集)♡

➱Ellen’s Vlog Episode.3 (Ellen日常第三集)♡

➱Ellen’s Vlog Episode.4 (Ellen日常第四集)♡

➱Ellen’s Vlog Episode.5 (Ellen日常第五集)♡

➱Ellen’s Vlog Episode.6 (Ellen日常第六集)♡ 2017/10/05 No.EllenBaker#VLOG6

➱Caroline’s Female mask video Episode.1 (Caroline日常第一集)♡

➱Caroline’s Female mask video Episode.2 (Caroline日常第二集)♡ 2017/08/05 No.#C2

Ellen Feat.Asuna #EP.1 (Ellen和Asuna CAI合作影片)♡

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